Saltfleet Haven Boat Club
                                                                             PILOT INFO    2015

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Saltfleet Haven is not the easiest creek to enter on this coast, but we believe the effort is well worth it.  The information below should help you enter and exit with safety, but always be aware that the sand bar channel can move, if there is a strong North Easterly  wind then entry should not be attempted by a first time visitor.(see Notes NB)

NB: Saltfleet Overfalls can make for a uncomfortable wait off Saltfleet, if you arrive early from the south, wait  just north of the main promenade beach at Mablethorpe until 2 hours before high water then go well offshore and head for Saltfleet, or if the bombing range is not active continue sailing up due north towards Ross Spit area and come back with the incoming tide. (Check chart ).

Boats arriving at the Haven
INNER Yellow Mark (Flashing every 4 sec at night) is on   53: 24,853 N  000: 14.293E

arriving at Saltfleet for the first time, head in while the tide is on the flood, about 25 minutes before high water, the depth of water at low water springs at the Inner Mark position will be approximately 10-15 feet, boats with 3 foot draft or more will need approximately 24 to 26 feet of water below them before they try to make an entry towards the Red  buoys, this will ensure you clear the lower beach sand depths. 
NB: Be careful if arriving late at the sand bar cut on the ebb tide with an onshore breeze, the under current going out is strong and there is a chance you may get a wave over the stern as you drop into the troughs, but the cut through the bar is short so most will arrive unscathed and dry. Boats that are late on the tide or need a shorter stopover can moor up to the two large Orange mooring buoys just inside the sand barr most of this area dries out(mud and sand).

Keeping all Red cans/buoys to your (Port) and all Green cans on your (Starboard).
head for the first  Red Pole marks (Fast Flashing Light at night) followed by Red and Green Pole Marks(Flashings Every 2 seconds at night) keep approx. 10-15 feet clear of the poles, this part of the channel is changeable so follow all marks to arrive at the “Narrows “ passing the White Tripod which is off channel marking the edge of the wildlife area to port, you should be clear of the sand Barr now and into calmer water, follow the marks down the Haven and be careful of  cross winds which can lead you into the shallows.

Visitors:   Please DO NOT raft up to members boats, unless invited to, or to the Large Fishing Boat Mooring Buoys, these are inside the sand barr and in the main Haven channel

You are welcome to use the Visitors berth immediately before the concrete slip or continue up to the Outlet Moorings Visitor berth at the pumping station outlet, the river bed is of soft mud with few obstructions.(Be aware that some banks flood on big tides)

There are now basic water/toilet facilities at the club house and electric, you will need to notify a key holder a few days prior to making your trip or ring one of the numbers at the bottom of this info .

There are two pubs locally, the New Inn and the Crown Inn and a Shop/filling station (petrol-diesel and gas and Cooked Breakfast up until mid-day) just a short walk along the main road heading North through the village.

Boats leaving the Haven,
Don’t leave the moorings too late after high water as the falling tide can catch the unwary out, on big spring tides the ebb flows very fast over the top of the sand bar, keep to the centre of the Haven channel and once you have turned right at the end of the river, keep all RED light buoys approx. 10-15 feet to your (starboard).
After you have passed the last Red buoys you are clear to head straight out to sea.
Boats with a draft up to 1’ 6" can exit the Haven approximately 1 to 1.5 hours after high water on a 6.6m tide.
Boats with a draft up to 2’ 6" can exit the Haven approximately 1 hour after high water on a 6.8m tide.
Tides that are 7m + will give you approximately 30minutes longer, either side of high water

Slipway members, depending on the size of their boat or height/time of tide can launch into the river any time but be aware that there is a drop at the end of the concrete slip, most will be able to get out on tides as small as 6.0m, but this will only give you a 1 to 2 hour window on some tides if you are not staying out.

A Days Sail Away (weather permitting):
Humberstone Fities 15km -Spurn Point 12Km- Grimsby Marina 25 km - Bridlington 40km- Wainfleet haven 24 km - Thornham, Norfolk. 39 km - Brancaster, Norfolk 40 km - Wells- next- the-Sea 42km- Blakeney Norfolk  46km

Days Sail and Return:
Spurn Area 24km - Donna Nook 16km - Huttoft Bank 32km - Protector Buoy Area 32km - DZ5 10km - The Hole Wreck, off Mablethorpe 18km

What to See
Seals, one of the largest colonies in UK -Porpoises, mainly near the Humber River Mouth. - Puffins, Gannets, Shags, Guillemots, Seagulls, Shelducks, Mallard, Geese.

Fish to Catch
Mackerel, Whiting, Tope, Sea Bass, Cod, Dog Fish

For latest update on Channel/marks and if you require a welcoming committee, just contact the club by way of the contacts page or ring Billy on 07826297714 or Pete on 07946563965